Our company


The H.J. Baker group has been active in animal nutrition and sulfur extraction for over 160 years. We provide daily customers worldwide with expertise and excellent service.

Allnova is a branch of H.J. Baker group in Brazil, operating in the farm animal nutrition market. We work in the farms together with the ranchers to produce quality and safe food for the consumer market.

The Allnova's commitment is to provide ranchers and agribusiness professionals with the best products, services, and solutions for an increased productivity and profitability.

We believe that product and service quality are key aspects of a brand. We may reinforce that the success of H.J. Baker group and Allnova depends on our commitment to people.

Our Mission

To grow as a global agribusiness company committed to delivering quality and innovative products while respecting the environment and animal welfare.

Our Vision

We aim to supply products able to increase productivity and profitability, helping our customers to feed more people with fewer resources.

Our values

The customer is always in the first place. We also aim to work with integrity, providing superior service in all our bases, using sustainable and innovative practices.

H.J. Baker Around the World